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Makeup online shopping
is about to change 

MISTRIX B2B platform uses generative AI to empower shoppers to find their perfect makeup look, breaking the limitations of traditional product-based shopping.

How it Works










Snap or upload your
favorite makeup look

Try the look virtually

Buy matching products

Our Product

MISTRIX allows your virtual store to be much more than a source for purchasing makeup products, but an authority in the field of beauty that provides consumers with the chance to become acquainted with all the opportunities available to them and plan the look with a friendly interface available from anywhere at any time.


Your customer can snap a photo or upload desired look to the platform. This could be any makeup look picture from the customer's gallery. 


MISTRIX's powerful algorithm transfer the makeup style from the customer's reference look to their selfie. This innovative digital solution enhances the beauty product shopping experience with real-time, automatic makeup style transfer. It offers a unique approach, allowing customers to shop based on their desired look rather than individual products.


MISTRIX will analyze the image in real time and offer a set of products tailored to the customer's requirements for immediate and quick purchase on your site.

In addition, you can offer your customers to adapt more looks from your site and MISTRIX will recommend more looks according to the customer's preferences and personal taste. This way, there is no need to go through a confusing abundance of packaging that does not illustrate the appearance of the product. Just choose a look and make a convenient quick purchase.

Why Us

Why Work with Us?

Today, your audiences are looking for a user-friendly, tailored, and convenient shopping experience. Now, groundbreaking AI solutions allow your end customers to experience your product without leaving home and enjoy a hyper-personalized, customized shopping experience, providing an informed and free choice more than ever before. MISTRIX is the optimal confluence between technology and beauty that allows your customers to design their complete look as an integral part of their online shopping experience. This tremendous force will skyrocket your conversion rate and sales rate to new heights. It is an innovative, game-changing and fun way for customers everywhere to get to know your products.

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We offer the next step in AI implemented in the beauty industry and allow you to lead innovation in your field

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Our unique technology will allow you to set a new standard in online shopping experience

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Your customers will enjoy an unprecedented purchasing experience that will allow your brand to stand out from the competition

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Encouraging Two-way communication for your customers that creates an optimal marketing funnel and boosts your conversion rate

Power your shop with AI solutions

MISTRIX consists of a team of leading researchers and software engineers in their field who specialize in computer vision and machine learning, offering the world's leading digital solution for building a customized shopping experience. With a groundbreaking algorithm that that transfer makeup styles in real time, advanced tools for discovering and purchasing products quickly and with a hyper-personalized experience and flexible integration capabilities, we are revolutionizing the world of digital retail. Will you join our revolution?

Power your shop with AI

Are you ready to join the change? This is your chance to lead the trend that will change everything we thought about online sales. To get started on the collaboration that will lead your business into the future of the beauty world, contact us now.

Your first step into the world of beauty-tech begins here

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