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Shop by Look, Not by Product

The field of beauty products is now more accessible to consumers than ever. Your potential new customers are watching makeup tutorials on YouTube, familiarize themselves with new looks on Instagram and Pinterest and want to enjoy customized solutions that will allow them to create the glamorous image they have always pursued. The world's leading beauty brands already realized that without a personalized and interactive shopping experience, their products have no chance in the competition.


Now, MISTRIX is changing the rules and allowing customers to see how different popular looks & styles will look like on their face in real time, get an accurate imaging and achieve it by matching products from your shop's catalogue. This allows your customer to base their shopping experience on the look they are looking for and not on a pre-defined product line.

Our Team


Shir Cofman

CEO & Co-Founder


Tomer Rosenbaum

CTO & Co-Founder


Joanne Sabag

Algorithm Researcher 

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