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What we do

MISTRIX's B2B platform uses generative AI to enhance the shopper experience, helping brands break the limitations of traditional color cosmetics shopping.

2. Wear

MISTRIX's powerful AI then transfers and adapts the makeup style from the shopper's reference look, to their selfie, offering a unique approach, where customers shop based on their desired look rather than browse tough individual products.

3. Buy

MISTRIX analyzes the 'target look' image in real time and offers a set of branded products tailored to the shopper's desire for immediate and quick purchase on your site.

4. Insights

Analyzing the shopper's journey with MISTRIX, provides not only the "what" and "when" of purchasing habits, but the "why" as well. Identifying trending looks that are based on social channels are a clear indication of popular trends that impact product sales in the immediate and near future. 

1. Visualize

Rather than browsing through endless catalgos, your shopper snaps a photo or easily uploads a trending look found on social channels to the platform. This could be any makeup look picture from the shopper's own social media feed. 


Integrate into your makeup online stores

 Easy omnichannel integration

Automatic catalog sampling

 Promote your house brand


shopper journey with innovative AI

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